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North Las Vegas, NV, us
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"Ladies? Tired of your guy's gas? Especially in bed? Well now there's "Gas-No-Mo!"  "Gas-No-Mo" works like any other anti-gas product but costs 10 times more! Simply apply "Gas-No-Mo" lotion to the anus of your honey bunny and insert the 10" plug into his anal cavity...Just like he's always hoping and wanting to do to you :) "Gas-No-Mo" promises NO MORE GAS!! Starting with the first night's treatment! Imagine that! Periodic removal of the anal plug is recommended to avoid explosion. Order now! "Gas-No-Mo" is not available in stores which means in a couple of weeks it will be and for a lower price. To order call (888) 345-2010, operators standing by!"
Detroit, Michigan
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they're all a mess
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tennis, martial arts, writing poetry, children's stories, short-stories, reading, walking my kids (cats), brother's got me doing online Call of Duty, Halo with him and a mutual friend, working out, yadda yadda yadda.....
women ;) lol...stuff said above ^ astronomy big time, love driving out to nowhere where it's pitch black, lying on the hood of the truck with a Coke or whatever and just lookin' at the stars.....idk, lots of stuff, i'll come back to it.....i'd like to have my own sock puppet show someday.
Favorite Music:
>most classic rock, metal.....back into playing the drums again and lovin' it, have played for over 25 years now. like all music really though, a very small amount of rap and can't stand the death metal, growling crap...other than that though i'm mostly good with anything.
Favorite TV Shows:
Without A Trace, Criminal Minds, Law and Order's, Family Guy, American Dad, WWE!!, Cold Case, ....etc.
Favorite Movies:
like Action/Adventure, Thriller (not into gore though), comedies, SANDRA BULLOCK!! :), Drama, pretty much anything but really bad horror with bad gore, don't like that, don't like that screaming either.
Favorite Books:
STEPHEN KING! (can read the gore, etc. just not watch it ;) ), checking out other authors too, loved "The Ruins" by Scott Smith, James Patterson, books on astronomy, read textbooks on it like eating candy.
Favorite Quotes:
"once a titty always a titty" "you'll never meet anyone more real than me."
don't go there ;) at mental disability...but WILL return
Washburn University and Park University 0, English Major, emphasis on creative writing

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Reading/writing poetry and short stories, childrens stories. Tennis, martial arts. yadda yadda yadda.....

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